NepBay for Retailers

Would you like to have a shop in the middle of the busiest marketplace of the country? If yes then gives you this opportunity.
In today's context people are busy. They hardly get break for a day or two in a week. even on this day, people have social obligations or a side business to do. So where is the time for them to walk into the busy streets of the city to visit few shops that provide limited goods to choose from? But people still need to buy goods and services.
Nepbay has redefined the shopping experience. has more than 12000 daily visitors. Nepbay itself has been listed with more than 1000 online directories. and this number is exponentially increasing. So just imagine if you could let all these people know about your products that you offer to sell. Isn't it like selling on a busy marketplace? Yes, and much better too since you reduce your monthly expenses and pull off all the rent expenses. has a section called Nepbay Mall. here you can go and setup your own shop from which you can start selling your products. Nepbay facilitates your sales by featuring your products, providing link o your shop through various departments and listing as a result from the search engine.
There have been many successful stories of different retailers on Nepbay. For more please browse through the site and experience it for yourself.

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