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Get full featured online store to sell holiday packages, receive online queries, and reach global buyers with…

NepBay Travel Shop

1.      Ecommerce enabled system: Each NepBay Travel Shops are ecommerce enabled. Which means you can allow your customers to buy your travel packages online. Your customers can pay you using their credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal and receive payments directly here in Nepal, in your bank account.

2.      Reach more buyers: By signing up with NepBay Travel Shop, you automatically reach to wider audience who are looking for the holiday packages that you are selling. Due to effective online marketing, highly optimized for search engines and viral marketing through social media; you can reach thousands of visitors in NepBay each day, which you might be able to turn into your customer.

3.      Search Engine Optimized: Visibility of your company and trip details in Google, has higher priority with NepBay Shop’s product listing.

4.      One more address for your business: “”.  Here you will be able to advertise your tour packages, sell online, and receive payments using online payment gateways.

5.      Multiple payment options to choose from: Let your customers pay using the online payment systems as per their convenience. NepBay allows you to receive payments through 10+ different online payment processing systems.

6.       Website Pages: Other than adding your trip itineraries for sale, you can also add 100s of web pages providing information about your company, activities, destinations, services and other required static website pages.

7.      Photo Gallery for each product: You can add image gallery of every travel/tour itinerary. In each of the products, you can add up to 16 images.

8.      Homepage Slider Banner: Each online travel store will have their own image slider banner to display upcoming departures, last minute deals, different events and promotion or simply advertisement of the holiday packages in the homepage of your NepBay Travel Store.

9.      Multiple Pricing Options: For each individual product, you can add multiple pricing options. For eg: If you have different pricing for individuals and groups and fixed departure etc, then you can allow your customers to buy your holiday packages as per the rules defined by you.

10. Get queries in your email: With each product listed in NepBay, users can send messages to travel agencies, enquiring about your offer. These messages are then delivered directly into your email address using our secured communication server.

11. Smart Performance Reporting: NepBay provides you detail insight and single click reports, on various activities in your NepBay Shop. For the basic, you can view records of unique users and repetitive users in your website based upon dates, months and year. You can check the referrals that redirected users to your store and also view what keywords are making you accessible in search engines. You can see orders, approve or decline each order you receive online. You can also configure status of each order.

Why for your Tourism Business?

1.      Common Platform: NepBay envisions becoming the ultimate platform for Nepali businesses & entrepreneurs to reach local & global buyers. You can customized and even develop our own applications to grow online presence in NepBay. NepBay is a simple platform which help suppliers to meet with the buyers.

2.      Innovative Marketing: Harvesting the accessibility gained through internet, NepBay has been implementing new and effective marketing strategies to bring higher number of targeted buyers to our stores. Our stores are effectively optimized for higher ranking in search engines, hundreds people around the globe finds us every day through search engines and social media.

3.      50+ Languages Translation: Your store will be translated into top 50+ languages around the web. And also for search engines, each translated shop will have unique url, so that search engines can find your website in the local languages in 50+ countries around the globe.

Travel Shops DEMO:

a.     Different Treks

                                                              i.      Demo 1:

                                                            ii.      Demo 2:

b.    Arrna Adventure Travels

                                                              i.      Demo 1:

                                                            ii.      Demo 2:

c.      Himalayan Alpine

                                                              i.      Demo 1:

                                                            ii.      Demo 2:


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