How to create my Nepbay Shop?

Are you ready to open your own online shop at

Your NepBay Shop is an online selling website where your customers can visit and buy products online. NepBay Shop also works as your website where you can add information, images and multimedia contents. With NepBay Shop solution you do not require investing additional amount to create a different website, your NepBay Shop is accessible through global domain names (eg: or

Opening a Shop at NepBay helps you to sell your products online and market it among 14000 regular visitors on the web site.

Follow these steps to create your own shop at NepBay:

·         Login to

·         click on "Browse Shops" on the Home Page

·         Click on "Open a Shop"

·         "Open a Store" Page will appear

·         in this page, your Username will be displayed, beside the username click on "Create"

·         A shop will be created and a page will appear with options like: Profile, Store, Search, Cart, Invoice, Reviews and Manage. You further have options to Sell, package, Settings and Coupons.

·         Now you have to select your shop URL or customize it

·         Setup a payment Method by selecting at least one Payment Method to receive payments.

·         Scroll down to the "General Settings" where you you have to enter "Category", Minimum Cart Amount, Currency and choose to receive manual payment

·         Now you write down descriptions about Introduction, Terms and Conditions, About Us page and Layout Settings

·         Now Click Update and start selling from your own Shop


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