How to buy at

Buying from the home page

Option 1: At the Home page of, you will see the most highlighted shops and brands.

·         you can click on your preferred sliding images.

·         You will be redirected to the specific shop or brand you have selected

·         You can choose one or many products from this shop and add them to cart

·         Once you have added the items to the cart, it will ask you the quantity you order

·         you will now be redirected to the specific shop

·         If you want to know more about this product or brand click on the product image to see the details

·         Once you are in the shop, you may add more products from that shop

·         Now you can finalise your cart by clicking Checkout.

·         Once you press Check out, you will be asked to login with your username or password or you will be asked to signup a new account.

Option 2: At the Home page of, you will also see the advertised shops and brands.

·         click on the ad

·         follow the same steps after you have been redirected to the specific shop

Option 3: At the Home page of, you will also see the Featured Products, New Arrivals and Ending Soon categories.

·         Click on the item of your interest

·         follow the same steps after you have been redirected to the specific shop

Using Search Engine

·         on the home page of, you will find a search column

·         Enter the product that you are looking for, eg. mobile

·         You will be redirected to a search result page where you can scroll down the given options and click on it, suppose you clicked on a Samsung galaxy phone

·         you will now come to a page where there are varieties of Samsung galaxy phones to choose from

·         now go to "Buy Online" and click on the button " Add to Cart"

·         you will now be shown the price and will be required to enter the quantity of the product

·         Finalize your purchase quantity and Go to "Seller" and click "Checkout"


Searching from departments:

·         Click on Online Shopping at the home page of

·         On the right side of the home page you will see a " Departments" section under which you can find departments like Antiques and Arts, Auto, Baby, Books etc.

·         You may also choose to buy products from "New Arrival" section of this page

·         Under each department, you have another section. For Example, UnderAntiques and Arts, you have Antiques, Architectural and Garden, Art Supplies etc.

·         Now you click on your right choice.

·         You will now be redirected to a page where sorts of products under your selected category is pictorially displayed along with the price and the verification details of the vendor.

·         On this page you can switch departments too by using the "Product Finder" search engine and shop for any other product.

Searching from shops

·         On the home page click on "Browse Shops" you can see at the top of the page.

·         You will come to the Shopping Mall Page.

·         On this page you have section like "Shops by Categories", "Shop Finder" and "Premium Shops"

·         On this page you can also access "Search Shops", "Packages", "Coupons" and "My Shop"

·         You may Click directly on the Premium Shop and start shopping.

·         You may click on departments and select the right shop for you and start shopping

·         You may search for a shop by category and keyword and start shopping.

 Add to cart

·         Select the product that you have chosen to buy. Be sure to choose the payment option and the quantity required. You can also view more information and specification of the product on this page.


·         You will see the Check Out Page that will show you the cost of the products that you have added to the cart

·         You have the option of reviewing the goods that you have purchased by either cancelling the goods or the order as a whole by clicking " Go Back" and "Shop More Items" at the "Payment Summary Section".

Payment Option

·         Choose a payment Option, i.e. "Cash on Delivery" or "Bank Deposit".

Validate and Confirm

·         Click on your preferred mode of payment

Confirm Online Payment page will appear where you can confirm your order or go back to make chages in your purchases

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